File #29 – First blow

The two agents quickly hid in the corners, at the other end of the hallway. They looked around from the corner and could see the woman was being pulled out of their field of vision. There was a voice, the two agents could not quite hear what was being said. It sounded like the voice said, “it’s not the target, Fenris said they would be on one of those floors. Let’s search this floor.” At the end of the hallway where the woman had just laid some figures passed by, but neither 3 nor 4 could see what they looked like. “We have to get out of here now, maybe we should split up so it’s hard for them to get us both” Omega 3 said. “Okay but it’s your fault if I get shot without having back up” The two Agents went in their respective directions to find a way out.

None of them had the opportunity to take the stairs right now as it sounded like someone was guarding the stair door. Omega 3 walked slowly through the offices, pondering what to do. Maybe he would be able to get rid of some of them so 4 had a chance to getaway. A door was opened to the office he was in. he quickly got hidden behind an office desk, hoping the person had not seen him. Whoever entered through the room was professional and scanned the entire area. The figure walked quietly through the dark room. It was maybe 3’s only chance to get one of them, but just as he comes up from the office desk with the drawn gun, the figure disappears out the door again. “I lost my chance, but at least I’m not dead,” he thought as he walked quietly on. Omega 3 would check if the stairs were freely available again. When he was on his way there, he heard shots, it must be Omega 4 shooting, maybe they still had a chance.

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