File #28 – Night in Tokyo

It was a cold, wet night in Tokyo. The drizzle strode through the streets in the gentle wind. But Omega 3 and 4 did not think of that right now. They sat in a stylish office in the skyscraper of the Foundation’s agency office in Tokyo, just looking out over Tokyo’s illuminated city. Omega 3 sat with a cup of traditional Japanese tea while Omega 4 drank a cup of coffee. The two Agents talked about how to begin their newest mission. They had been tasked with infiltrating a branch of yakuza to see if they had begun buying and selling yokai and other SCPs, as the yakuza had done in the past. Omega 3 blew his bangs away from his eyes and started talking “I have a source in Toshima maybe he can help us. from what I have heard he should be really good at getting people into the family.” “I think we should try to find some in one of the port districts such as Minato or Shinagawa. Where it is possible to cross The SCP’s over the water” Omega 4 said with her red lips. “Hmm that is of course correct, but we could also,” Omega 3 said at that moment the light in the whole building went out, although there were still lights in the other building around them. “What do you think has happened” Omega 3 asked with a confused look. I have no idea, but I do not like it. let’s find some people so it’s not just the two of us. they walked together through the long corridors and looked in through the windows to the various offices, but there was no one other than them on this floor.

“Let’s take the stairs to the next floor. ” Omega 4 said. Neither Omega 3 or 4 were scared or nervous they had been in worse situations and it sometimes happened that the light went out, but they also could not use their phones to call anyone. Everything was dead. For safety’s sake, they both took out their service pistols, in case something should happen. They went on towards the stairs, at the end of the hallway leading to the stairs stood a woman and seemed to be talking to some, but they could not really see her in the dark. Omega 4 was just about to try to get in touch with her when they heard some muffled bangs and the woman fall to the floor with her head looked in their direction and her now-dead eyes staring at them.

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