File #30 – Phantoms

Omega 3 ran to the area and could see the firefighting from a window outside the office. Before he could come in to help her, she was shot and fell to the ground. The figures walked towards her still with drawn weapons. One of them sat down on one knee, to check the body. He looked at the other figure as if to say something. The person got up again and shot the body a few times, and they went on. Omega 3 opened the door to the office and went to sit next to his colleague and friend, his eyes running in water and a tear fell as he checked 4’s pulse. He thought back to all the missions they had been on and now it was over. He had to get out of here and live on for her sake. He snuck into the other rooms and toward the stairs. There was no one to keep watch. 3 opening doors, but it was a trap that came a faint beep sound, and an exposition threw Omega 3 over into the wall opposite the door. The blood trickled down his face as he lay motionless up the wall. From both sides of the corridor came the figures. 3 could now see them properly, they had black camo clothes and a scrim net over their heads, so 3 couldn’t see their face. One of the people stood in front of him and said, “this is the other Omega agent” and drew his gun. 3 were shot three times in the chest. The person who had just shot him said “two down eighteen back, let’s report to Fenris” while they went down the hall. The last thing 3 saw before he died, was the patch on their shoulder. He whispered out into the empty hallway “val…” and closed his eyes.

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