The attack on the nuclear power plant

Liam had now been working on the nuclear power plant, for 3 months. He began to know the routines of his colleagues and when they had a break. He walked past the security room to check who was inside. It was Simon, it was always Simon at this time. Liam greeted Simon and went on to work. Liam hates working here. Think someone would make money destroying the earth, the idea was so distant in his mind, but soon it would be over, he should make sure of that. It was all about to be ready.

For most employees at the facility, it was just a completely normal day just like everyone else, but Liam knew something big was going to happen, something no one would predict. A car was waiting in front of the plant it had become afternoon and most of the staff were on their way home. It was time! The door to the security room was open as usual. Liam looked around down the hallway to see if there were any nearby. There were none, those who were left at the power plants were all engaged in work. Hopefully, it goes exactly as planned, Liam thought as he pulled a Kalashnikov out of his bag. He walked around the door while his legs shook, and he started sweating, but he knew this was what it took to save the world. Liam stood in the doorway looking at Simon, the rifle was sighted against Simon’s head. Simon knew Liam was always coming by at this time. So he did not look away from the shields and had not registered the rifle. Liam closed the door behind him. This made Simon look up from his work. Now he saw the rifle aimed at him and took up his arms. “What are you doing Liam lay the weapon and let’s talk about it” Simon said in a reasonably calm voice. But he was not calm. He had to press the alarm button. On the other side of the room Lima was still petrified he could not shoot Simon, but he knew he had to. the two men stood for a while, looking each other in the eyes. Who would do something first? Simon tried to go after the button but was not fast enough. Liam fired, it was settled. Lima took his phone out of his pocket and called. A group of men stepped out to the car that stood in front of the area. A guard was on his way against men, but as soon as he got close got shot. The men went on and were on their way into the building. Before they went in, one of them put a mark on the ground, everyone should know who they were. They shot all they saw there was no pity. Men make explosives of c4 on the cooling system of the nuclear power plant and went out towards the car again. Liam had been following them on camera and was now just waiting for them to call to say he could get out of his post. But it never happened the men had another plan, Liam could see the car driving away on the surveillance cameras, and when he heard the explosion. The last thing he could see was Simon’s dead eyes. what have I done?

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