File #27 – Peace

The mutant’s head gets ripped off as I watch the gas fill mouth reach my throat. Red stands and aims at me with his M4A1 and I exhale slowly. “Come on Blue we do not have all day, all the mutants are on their way now !!” he shouts and starts running down hallways with me right behind him. Behind me, on the other hand, is a huge horde of mutants that are slowly coming closer. Red takes a hand grenade from his vest and sends it right past me. I hear the exults but choose not to look back and just run on. We came to the exit and Red kept the door open for me. while trying to close the big door I shoot into the building to keep the mutates away. He got doors closed, and we felt a little more comfortable. But what we had not thought about was that all the mutants who were outside could also hear us. so as we looked around the desolate forest landscape we saw that we were surrounded by mutants. We had no other choice, so we both start shooting but it was not enough there were too many. To our luck what the others keep also reached building now and there came shots from all sides, we killed all the mutants without any getting hurt. “What did you find out,” Gray asked while he walked towards us. Red took the peace sign he had found before, showed it to Gray, and then we started explaining what we had seen. Gray was not a second in doubt, it was The Better Place. An eco-terrorist organization that destroys and killed everything they think destroys the planet. “It makes sense if it was the better place that had done what they believe nuclear power should stop.” “Not the best way to do it” interjected one of the Beta-7 MTFs and looked around in the deserts of dead trees. “What a mess they have created,” the Beta-7 MTFs said, and we all sighed as we looked around and listened to knocks from doors behind us.

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