File #26 – The clues fall into place

We stood in front of the entrance to the nuclear power plant, we had been very quiet all the way up here, so we had not been spotted by any mutants. We looked around before entering to make sure there was no danger. Red pickup something lying on the ground. It was a peace mark, with a globe on. “Have you seen it before?” I ask him. He just shakes his head “nope let’s come in and see if there are more clues.” we carefully open the doors so as not to make too much noise and close them again so that no mutants escape from the building. We walked around in the long corridors and the large open area. Most of the buildings are completely dead from the explosion, and we see only a few mutants that we can sneak past. We came to the security room in the building. Where there were two corpses. One was a foundation guard but the other was not. The guard had been shot while the other person had died during the explosion or so it looked. There were no bullet holes in him. Maybe Red was right, maybe it was an attack on the foundation. Next to the body of the unknown man lay a Kalashnikov rifle, which the foundation doesn’t use in this area.

Therefore, it must have been one or more armed men who infiltrated the area unseen and destroyed the core. But did they have anything to do with the peace sign Red found out front? Who knows? Red stood in the doorway and tried to get in touch with Gray and the other teams, to tell what we had found, but there was no signal in the building. It is clear that it was an attack on the Foundation but who were they and why? Maybe Gray knows something about the peace sign we found and whether it can help us figure out who did it. “Lett’s get out, so we can contact the others,” Red said. I was on my way to the door when something grabbed me I looked back and looked at the unknown man directly in his dead eyes while a mist of gas evaporated out of his mouth. I’m stiff again, unable to move out of place while mutant’s mouth expands enough to bite my carotid artery over. It goes straight to my neck, a tear running down my cheek.

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