File #25 – Mutants

The trees around us were all dead as we walked towards the nuclear power plant. so far, we had not met any mutations of neither humans nor animals, perhaps Red had just overreacted. The only thing in the area were dead animals lying on the ground and the forest of dead trees. Red went first, he had the most experience. while we were walking, I tried to find out more about Red. At first, he just said shut up but as we got closer and closer power plant, he started talking a little. Red had been in an orphanage all his life. His parents had left him as an infant. He was adopted by Sara and Gray when they visited the moulin rouge and then the orphanage. while we were talking, Red quickly tore me behind one of the dead trees, “quiet,” he said, looking behind the tree. “What is it?” I whispered as I sat on the hard ground, squeezed against the tree.

“Look, but slowly. There is someone who has mutated.” I looked slowly behind the tree, he was right. There were two people, a man, and a woman, their faces and bodies were swollen, and a luminous green gas came out of their mouths. “What do you think we should do with them, they just seem to go back and forth on the spot” I asked. He thought about it for a brief moment, and then he took out a cartridge from his vest and threw it back where we had been going before. As soon as the mutants heard the cartridge fall to the ground they looked towards the sound and ran over there while the gas from their mouths stood out to all sides, making a trail of gas behind them. They ran right past the tree we were sitting behind, and I was stiff with fear that they would see us. When they came over to the cartridge and saw that there was nothing, they just continued in their trance. we decided to be extra quiet from now on, the mutation had done something to their sense of hearing. Someone began fringing from somewhere in the area, and the mutations ran against the sound. we could manage to warn the other teams we heard several shots more and a scream in the background, it was too late. Gray’s voice appeared in our headphones, “from now on you may only shoot in emergencies, try to avoid all kinds of mutations. One team is down”

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