File #24 Meltdown

We flew by helicopter to the area where there had been a meltdown of a nuclear power plant. We were with a Beta-7 team to investigate the area for possible SCP mutations. In addition, the Foundation should also have closed the area down as soon as possible before any damage was done to the civilian population. The helicopter landed some distance away from the nuclear power plant. Omega 10 was standing in a tree area waiting for us. he was standing in a white hazmat suit with a mask over his face and a rifle over his shoulder, the same equipment that we had been assigned in the helicopter. Beta-7 made a ring around us, so we were safe from all sides while Gray went to Omega 10 and started talking. I was not quite sure what I was going to do, so I chose to go with Gray, maybe we could find out what had happened. “How are you Red? And what is going on here?” Gray asks. “We are actually not sure what happened, some may have made some mistake or maybe it’s an attack on the foundation, the only thing we know for sure is that the atomic nucleus exploded, and it has caused animals and staff in the area to have some mutations.” Red says behind the mask. “Fortunately, I was not in the immediate area when it happened, but many of our colleagues were.”

Gray thinks a little, and then shouts to the Beta-7 team “listen, walk around the area in pairs and find out what happened here. If you should encounter any mutations of any kind and it is not possible to contain it, you have permission to use lethal force” Gray looks at me and Red again “I go with the Beta-7 commander and the two of you go together, understood?” “Yes!” The different teams each went their separate ways, to reach as large an area as possible. Red and I went towards the nuclear power plant buildings it can almost only be where we can find the answer to what has happened.

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