File #23 – Coffee break

The sun shining in my eyes as I looked at Gray. We sat by a table outside a small café and talked. Gray took a sip of his coffee latte while he sat and relaxed, I could not even stand the coffee, so I had ordered sparkling water. We were going to talk about the next mission I was going on, but gray thinks we should make a little out of it. so now we sat here enjoying the mild autumn sun. “So Blue, let’s get started, your next mission will begin in a few days. It should not be as harsh as your last task. You get to work with Omega Agent 17 on a surveillance mission.” Gray said. “Okay interesting, so what is the mission about, who should we monitor,” I asked interested. “You and Pink must monitor a governor in Paris. Reportedly the governor should be in possession of an SCP that could help him manipulate voters to elect him in the next election. We do not know if this is true yet, and it is your job to find out”. Gray stopped talking when someone walked past us, I looked at the person. It was Cecilie, I shouted hello to her and waved. Cecilie looked around with a strange look in her eyes, but that changed when she saw it was me. she came over to me and Gray with a big smile on her lips. “Gray this is my girlfriend Cecilie. Cecilie this is Mr. Gray my boss from work” I said Cecilie smiled at Gray and greeted him. “Nice to meet you Mr. Gray” Gray smiled again, and his eyes almost lit up. “Pleasure to meet you.” It all seemed a little strange, but Gray could be like that once in a while. Cecilie looked at me again with her sweet brown eyes and said goodbye because she was busy and had to get to work. She kissed me and I looked at her long black hair resting on her shoulders as she walked down the street. Gray still had a weird smile when I looked over at him again. “Okay Gray she’s a little too young for you,” I said with a smiled, he started laughing out loud “you got me there Blue”. Gray’s phone rang, and he picked it up. he was quiet for a while and said Blue we have an emergency, Omega agent 10 needs us, and an MTF Beta-7 team.

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