File # 21 The inner haunting #2

The shock made me run out of the bathroom, what a foundation agent I was, being afraid of my own mirror image. Now I had to pull myself together. I went to the ball, it was a little juggler ball that you always see clowns with. I’m always hated clown, I do not hope it’s a ghost’s clown haunting the house. I was going to pick up the ball when it started to split, and a hand came up out of it. then came one more hand and a demon clown withdrew from the ball. ohh shit I needed reinforcements, so I ran to the door while I had the chance, but when I got over there the door was locked. I panicked, what should I do now. The only option I had was to pull my ppk service gun and fire 3 shots at the claws. But it had disappeared, the bullets had just hit the wall. I had to find a window I could get out of before the horrible clown came back. I ran through the house to find somewhere to get out. All the time with the feeling of being watched and persuaded. In every room, I entered I could feel clowns standing in the corner of my eye, constantly a little closer. It was right behind me now, I could almost feel the breath in my neck. I was paralyzed my heart was beating 100 km per hour and tears were running down. There I saw it, my way out. To my right was a window I never thought I was on the first floor. The second I felt the creature was about to take hold of me, I ran towards the window, pulled the gun, and shot so the window shattered and I jumped out. I landed on the lawn with a rolling fall, outside the area was lit up to police gaze. Someone must have heard the shots and contacted the police. Two cops came over to me and I got into a police car, and we drove away, the two cops were both foundation agents, and they were ready to hear my report.

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