The Better Place

The Better Place is an organization that, with violence forces the climate debate into the media month after month. With their brutal way of conducting a debate, they created fear in the population. Everyone can become a victim of the murderous tendencies of the victims, only the most left-wing extremist’s
eco-activists are part of this group, and they are constantly new members. The organization was started by Jim
Karly. A young habitual offender who was a member of several
eco-activist groups in the 70s and started his own organization in the 80s because he didn’t think the others were tough enough in what they believed in and that they do not do enough to save the planet. With some like-minded friends of his, he started The better place. eco-activists no longer had to just talk and demonstrate to change, now was the time to use harsher means hazardous attacks on factories and harassment sometimes even direct murder on staff in the tree felling industry, had become the norm for The Better Place. The Better Place. is now one of the most ruthless terrier organizations in the world

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