File #13 – A new beginning

Right now, I was just wearing white patient clothes and therefore quickly changed into the suit clothes. I went out, into the hallway, waiting in the doorway to wave goodbye to the doctor and the nurse. I and Yellow went down the hall together, he did not say much, he was probably more the quiet type. Yellow was also quite young like me, I would guess 18 maybe 19 years. He had auburn hair and green eyes. We walked out of buildings together and got into a car. I had no idea where we were going, but somehow, I trusted Yellow, even though he had shot me. we drove for a while, the whole trip was pretty awkward. He did not talk at any point, and I kept looking out of the wind to find out where I was in the world. Finally, we stopped in front of a company building, there was nothing on the building, that could help me find out where I was. We took an elevator up to the 4th floor, and we went into a meeting room where gray sat. There was also another sitting in the room, it was a lady with a white suit on and sunglasses in her long hair. They both smiled when I and Yellow entered the room. “Sit down” Gray said. We both sat down. I could almost figure out that it wasn’t Gray I had shot at the end of my exam, but a doll or something like that, now that he was sitting there.

Gary “This is Doctor Sara, head of the new special agent task force you’re joining today”.

“So, I passed my exam?” I said.

Gary “Yes you can handle it, you are now part of the Special Agent Task Force of the Foundation or just SATF. Me and Sara’s Taskforce is called the Omega force. From now on you will operate under this branch of SATF and become known as Omega agent Blue”.

I could not help but smile. I had finally managed it after a little over 2 years of training. I shook hands with Doctor Sara and Gray before I got my security card and a service weapon. They all three said congratulations and then I could go home, for now…

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