Name: #####

Code name: Blue

Date of birth: ##/## – ####

Place of birth: Europe

A little about myself. It’s actually not that exciting. I’ve been to school most of my life, where I have gotten some new friends and then I was done, and they disappear again. I have had a few different jobs before I became a part of the foundation, but nothing special just, dog sitting, shop work, Dishwasher and so today in, home care and agent of the foundation. I have not been in foundation long, but I have learned a lot from Gray and the others, so I look forward to some upcoming exciting missions and making some interesting observations at the workplace, I could see a ghost or something.

I started this blog to tell a little about my life in Foundation, but I hope they don’t discover it. I am also dyslexic so sorry in advance if there are spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors.

some of the documents are locked for foundation security, but it may be you can get them up

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